The Wish

For my greatest treasure, as you are about to turn 18 ~

Once upon a time, there was a woman who wished for a son.  She knew you weren’t supposed to care whether one had a girl baby or a boy baby, but she wanted a boy.

And she had one!

The years that followed were filled with the ordinary and the extraordinary Life brings.  Good and bad; happy and sad; and a lot of just plain crazy.  But all of that shaped the Mama and the Child into the people they are today.

And the woman wouldn’t change a thing.


We can’t write “The End” for that story, because in some ways it’s just beginning, for both of us.  You will find your passions and a path you want to follow; I need to choose another path, as well as learning more along the way.

Some time ago, I wrote about the Big Things I wish for you — and as I read that list again, it hasn’t really changed at all. 

So, my One and Only, My Greatest Treasure, here is a list of what I wish for you, today and always:

Kindness.  Above all else.

Understanding.  Of yourself and others.

Integrity.  Do the right thing, even when it’s hard.

Love. Yourself, others, our World.

Health.  Physical, mental, emotional.

Wisdom.  Physical, mental, and emotional.

Resilience.  Always.

Creativity.  In whatever you do, think outside that box… or rectangle, or circle, or parallelogram…

A Sense of wonder. For everything.

Friendship. Be a good friend and you’ll have good friends.

Gratefulness.  For who and what you do have.

Be owned by at least one rescue pet at all times.  It’s good for your soul.  (I realize this one will need to wait a bit…)

And one more:

Live.  Live in the moment.  Live for what you love.  Live this Life for all it is, what it has to give, and what you can give it.  Be present in your Life, don’t take it for granted.  Love what you do while you live, because Life is really too short to be miserable spending time on this Earth doing something you don’t love.  Really Live.

Always and forever,



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